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Our smile is our trademark. More often than you think, a lovely smile plays the main role when meeting other people, applying for a new job or when maintaining social contacts. Beautiful, cared for teeth give self-confidence.

Even with conscientious individual tooth care, discolouration can occur, so that the teeth appear darker. Apart from discolouration, bacterial plaques form acids that attack both the tooth enamel and gums. The results are caries and periodontal diseases.

Thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth is a basic requirement for professional whitening of teeth and aesthetic high-quality reconstructions.

During a periodontic treatment, professional tooth cleaning is not only necessary as the initial therapy for the removal of bacterial plaques, it is also indispensable for supporting a steady course of periodontal therapy for the prevention of bacterial recolonisation.

We would like to prevent tooth diseases, such as caries and periodontitis, using professional tooth cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone has their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year.

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