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Laser Therapy

Comfortable Treatment with Laser Therapy

We can perform gentle dental procedures that are effective, sterile and free of side-effects and with reduced after-pain, thanks to laser therapy.

Treatment of caries

Advantages of laser therapy:

  • Gentle treatment without a drill
  • Elimination of vibrations and drilling noise
  • Virtually without pain
  • Sterilisation of the caries bacteria - no progression of the caries under the filling or crown
  • Minimally invasive procedure — gentle to the healthy tooth substance

Comfortable treatment with laser therapy

Advantages of laser therapy:

  • Almost painless — no anaesthesia necessary
  • Periodontitis bacteria are almost completely removed
  • Laser periodontitis treatment stops bone breakdown and stabilises the firmness of the teeth

Laser therapy for root treatment

  • Distinct and gentle reduction of bacteria of the root canal, right to the root tip
  • Supports the prevention of surgical interventions

... and many other advantages and application areas of laser therapy

  • Laser irradiation after surgical interventions accelerate wound healing
  • Lip frenulum removal and other surgical interventions can be performed without bleeding and requiring stitches
  • Herpes treated in the early stages, heals considerably faster and without the usual protracted inflammation, and afterwards reoccurs less frequently
  • Mouth ulcers heal quicker