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logoIn addition to the general oral hygiene protection and preparedness are important building blocks for the conservation of the gums and teeth. To get your teeth into old age healthy, there are several prophylactic treatments.

The preventive measures for patients of the dentist in Berlin-Friedenau extend from professional teeth cleaning to mouthguards for sports activities. The Parodontology is not only focussed on the treatment of caries but also on an effective prevention. Here are the latest techniques used, such as laser therapy in the root canal as well as the sensitive treatment of the youngest or of anxious patients.

Extensive Prophylaxis for Dental and Oral Health

Our smile is our trademark. More often than you think, a lovely smile plays the main role when meeting other people, applying for a new job or when maintaining social contacts. Beautiful, cared for teeth give self-confidence.

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Dental Prophylaxis for Children and Young People

Right from the start — prophylaxis for kids

The earlier you bring your child, the easier it is later for him or her to become accustomed to regular trips to the dentist.

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What You Can Do for Your Teeth at Home

A special service for you is our prophylaxis shop.

Here, you will receive individual advice from our dental hygienist. She will show you a selection of products for oral hygiene suitable for you to use at home for optimum tooth cleaning.

Please speak to us during your next visit to our practice.

Prevent Effectively Dental Caries and Tooth Loss

In Germany, 80 per cent of adults suffer from inflammation of the periodontium, known as periodontitis. It is the most common cause of tooth loss.

Your gums bleed when touched with a toothbrush? That can be the first sign of gum inflammation - gingivitis. Further symptoms can be bad breath and an unpleasant taste. If it is left untreated, the inflammation can progress along the teeth in the direction of the jaw bone. Thereby, the ligament apparatus that anchors the teeth in the bone becomes destroyed, and the clinical picture of periodontitis develops.

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Root Canal Treatment

The retention of your teeth is the focal point for us.

Sometimes, root treatment is necessary, because damage to the tooth nerve can be a focus for inflammation, and with it general illness, and is a ticking time bomb that can lead to the most severe discomfort at any moment.

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Comfortable Treatment with Laser Therapy

We can perform gentle dental procedures that are effective, sterile and free of side-effects and with reduced after-pain, thanks to laser therapy.

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Pediatric Dentistry - Healthy Teeth from the Beginning

We were once children ourselves, and now we are parents. This means we understand well, the feelings of your little patients and their parents.

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For Active Leisure Time

A mouth guard should be just as sensible and obvious for many types of sport as, for example, wearing a helmet is when cycling, or knee and elbow protection when skating. With an individual mouth guard, we ensure that your sports activities are even more fun.

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Treatment of Anxious Patients

Talk, inform and build confidence with each other

A dental treatment for particularly anxious people should always take place one step at a time. To begin with, we hold a detailed talk in pleasant and discrete surroundings, in order to learn about your personal fears or worries. We give you the time that you need.

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Nitrous Oxide Sedation - No More Worries at the Dentist!

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How to Win Back a Good Night's Sleep

Are you one of the 30 million people who snore?

Triggers are relaxation of the musculature, the tongue dropping to the back of the mouth, and with it the associated constriction of the upper airways. The speed of the airflow increases and the uvula, soft palate and mucosal skin folds begin to vibrate — the results are audible.
Six out of ten men, and four out of ten women, over the age of 60 snore.

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