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Telescope prostheses

The telescope prosthesis is a very high-quality prosthesis. It is easy to insert and remove, resistant to wear, and absolutely invisible in the mouth. It is attached to the natural teeth using a double crown technique, for which an inner and an outer crown are used. When inserting the partial prosthesis, the outer crown is slid onto the inner crown like a telescope. With this construction, the telescope prosthesis achieves a secure hold and maximum comfort for the wearer without visible retaining elements. Particularly in situations with very few remaining teeth, which are very difficult to treat with other prosthesis types, the telescope prosthesis is THE gold standard. However, should a further tooth be lost due to periodontitis, the prosthesis can be extended without any problem and thereby maintained.


Dentures must always be made if all the teeth in one jaw are lost. The denture is made up of gum-coloured synthetic material with the replacement teeth embedded in it. The synthetic material basis covers the toothless jaw ridge. In the upper jaw, the synthetic material is stretched over the entire gum. The resulting suction effect holds the prosthesis in place. If the jaw edge recedes over time, the prosthesis must be correspondingly adjusted.

Today, there are cost-effective and modern technologies, which can considerably improve retention of the denture. Through the insertion of implants into the jaw bone, and the processing of attachment components in the existing denture, retention of the dentures can be decidedly improved.

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