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Dental Prosthesis and Restorations

logoSometimes a tooth can not be saved and then a denture is necessary to close the tooth gap again and prevent further damage or even an additional tooth loss.

Dentist Horst Wendorff and his team have the most varied ways of treating from the all-ceramic crown over bridges to partial and full dentures. And even dental implants - like all other materials - will be manufactured with the help of the in-house dental laboratory custom-made and accurately for the patient.

All-ceramic Crowns and Bridges

... are not only a question of aesthetics, but also a long-term question of dental health.

In our own state-of-the-art master laboratory, we produce tailor-made biocompatible dental prostheses with perfect functionality and the feeling of natural teeth. In doing so, only highly effective three-dimensional laser scanners and computer-managed CAD / CAM machines and millers are used.

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Minimally Invasive Implant Therapy and Bone Augmentation

An implanted prosthesis has medical, functional and aesthetic advantages, which together lead to a significant gain in quality of life.

Modern dentistry prescribes that if one or more teeth are lost, and the right framework conditions are fulfilled, these are replaced by implants.

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Removable Invisible Prosthesis

When smiling or talking, a prosthesis cannot be recognised — in order to achieve this result, we work with the most modern materials and technologies.

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Dental Surgery Can Not Always Be Prevented

In our practice, in surroundings you are used to, and cared for by our competent team, we offer you a comprehensive range of oral surgery services.

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Indispensable for Diagnosis: Digital Radiography

Making the finest structures visible: when it comes to the visual depiction of teeth, modern X-ray techniques are unbeatable. Using them, we offer our patients distinct advantages.

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Insight View into the Third Dimension - the DVT

Using three-dimensional dental volume tomography (DVT) - currently the most advanced X-ray technology — even the finest anatomical structures in the oral cavity can be seen, for a safe diagnosis and planning of treatment.

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