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logoThe cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is an important part of our work to ensure you maintain a bright and healthy smile.

In the dental practice Wendorff you get both cosmetic services such as whitening discolored teeth (bleaching) as well as aesthetic, dental treatments such as veneering anterior teeth with ceramic facets (veneers) and tooth-colored fillings (composite). With invisible braces (Invisalign), and comfortable aligners, we bring your smile in the right shape if neccessary.

Professional Teeth Bleaching at the Dentist

A beaming smile — safely and gently with professional bleaching

Who does not wish for themselves a smile of white teeth, corresponding to today's idea of beauty?

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All-ceramic Inlays and Veneers

Give your teeth back their aesthetic

In addition to the color also the shape decides on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and the beauty of your smile. Through the skillful use of veneers that are applied gently to your own teeth, consisting of detailed and very thin, translucent ceramic bowls, cosmetic corrections in color and shape can be made smoothly.

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Contemporary Dental Fillings - Aesthetically, Durable and Healthy

Ceramic fillings represent the better alternative to statutory standard care for filling treatment.

The so-called composite reconstruction (80 per cent fine ceramic particles, 20 per cent artificial material) is the material of choice, particularly in the anterior tooth area. The filling material is not only very stable, but also invisible thanks to the tooth-coloured synthetic material.

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Invisible Treatment with Invisalign

With Invisalign, an impressive number of tooth malpositions can be treated, such as crooked and twisted teeth as well as gaps in the teeth.

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Aligners for Dental Occlusion

Splints are one solution for many symptoms

In the ideal situation, the upper and lower jaws meet each other perfectly. If, for you, this is not the case, then the imperfections can be the cause of various symptoms:

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