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Dental Services of the Dentistry Wendorff

In the dental practice Wendorff, we offer you a wide range of dental services for your dental health

Competent, dental treatments right from the beginning. Specialized in children and young people, adults and seniors. In our familial environment, all age groups feel at home and are supplied with our high standards of modern dentistry. Our services include preventive, prophylactic measures as well as professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) or cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. Aesthetic treatments with veneers, bridges, crowns and dentures with implants as well as orthodontic intervention or gentle rail therapies are part of our daily tasks. And all in a family atmosphere with great attention to details and to our patients.
We are dentists out of passion !


  • Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

    logoThe cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is an important part of our work to ensure you maintain a bright and healthy smile.

    In the dental practice Wendorff you get both cosmetic services such as whitening discolored teeth (bleaching) as well as aesthetic, dental treatments such as veneering anterior teeth with ceramic facets (veneers) and tooth-colored fillings (composite). With invisible braces (Invisalign), and comfortable aligners, we bring your smile in the right shape if neccessary.

  • Tooth Preservation and Prophylaxis

    logoIn addition to the general oral hygiene protection and preparedness are important building blocks for the conservation of the gums and teeth. To get your teeth into old age healthy, there are several prophylactic treatments.

    The preventive measures for patients of the dentist in Berlin-Friedenau extend from professional teeth cleaning to mouthguards for sports activities. The Parodontology is not only focussed on the treatment of caries but also on an effective prevention. Here are the latest techniques used, such as laser therapy in the root canal as well as the sensitive treatment of the youngest or of anxious patients.

  • Dental Prosthesis and Restorations

    logoSometimes a tooth can not be saved and then a denture is necessary to close the tooth gap again and prevent further damage or even an additional tooth loss.

    Dentist Horst Wendorff and his team have the most varied ways of treating from the all-ceramic crown over bridges to partial and full dentures. And even dental implants - like all other materials - will be manufactured with the help of the in-house dental laboratory custom-made and accurately for the patient.

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