Our In-House Dental Laboratory Provides Tailor-made Dentures

High-Quality Digital Design and Manufacture by our Associated Laboratory - Dental Research-3D Milling Centre

We give you security, with a prosthesis tailored perfectly to your requirements. Aesthetic and functional - a reason for your natural and attractive smile.

In order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, the technological realisation of our dental treatment concept takes place in our own master laboratory. Through spatial proximity, all decisive treatment stages, for example colour selection, can be accompanied by our dental laboratory. Our laboratory team uses only the most up-to-date, computer-controlled millers, the newest three-dimensional laser scanners and CAD / CAM technology, and only works with biocompatible materials of the highest quality.

Modern ceramic "Zircon"

  • Totally metal-free
  • Optimal biocompatibility and allergy-free
  • Particularly aesthetic
  • Extremely stable
  • Production without delay using computer-controlled laser and milling technologies
  • Considerably shorter production time

Zirconium oxide is considered the material of choice for the most stringent cosmetic and functional requirements in dentistry. Greatly reduced plaque, no hot/cold sensitivity, and the neutral taste offer you exceptional comfort.

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