Ihre freundliche Zahnarztpraxis in Berlin Friedenau


Dentistry - for Generations with a Long Tradition in Berlin-Friedenau

The Wendorff Dentists Dynasty exists nearly for 100 years

Dr. Hans Wendorff

Dr. Dr. Horst Wendorff

Dr. Klaus Wendorff

Horst Wendorff

Dr. Hans Wendorff (29/02/1896 - 24/12/1986) opened his dental practice in Berlin-Friedenau on 13 May 1921. A room as a surgery was enough in those days, because the "parlour" served as a waiting room when the practice was open.

At that time he could not guess that this was to be the founding of the oldest entirely family-run dental practice in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. His son Horst Senior (05/11/1924 - 25/02/2002) began studying medicine in the early 1940s in his home town of Berlin and started his second degree, in dentistry, in Munster. In 1948 Dr. Hans Wendorff then received the assistance of his son and partner Horst Senior in his dental surgery. However, that was only in the afternoons (in those days it was normal for patients to be treated right up to 11.00 at night!), because in the mornings Horst Senior was in the Virchow Clinic training under Professor Wassmund to become a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This he finished in 1954.

Klaus (06/03/1965 - 15/07/1996), Dr. Horst Wendorff's elder son, was then, at the age of 23, the "youngest dentist in Germany" (licensed to practice on 27/01/1989, awarded his doctorate on 9/12/1991). He joined his father's practice as a partner on 01/04/1991. In 1996, Dr. Klaus Wendorff and his wife Kerstin, also a dentist, died in tragic circumstances.

At the time, his second son Horst Junior had already completed his medical studies in Hamburg and Berlin as far as taking the State doctor's examination. He was working on his Ph.D. in orthopaedic surgery and wanted to specialize in orthopaedics and sports medicine. But now due to this stroke of fate, it seemed natural for him to change his career plans to continue the family dental practice. As a career changer, he managed to take up his second degree in dentistry immediately, and since he was excused from being examined for a number of certificates and exams because of his medical studies, he managed to finish it in a shorter period and to become a partner in his father's practice. He trained as a surgeon under his father. As a postgraduate Horst Junior subsequently specialized, completing a Master of Science in Periodontology and a Master of Science in Periodontology and Implant Therapy.

Horst Wendorff Junior has a daughter Betty and two boys, Moritz and Felix. The oldest daughter Betty and the elder son Moritz are eager to study dentistry also. So as children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren they will follow in the footsteps of their forebears and ensure the attentive care of the patients in our family practice for the future. Thus, the tradition will continue to be written, for the Wendorff family practice will continue to endure for at least one more generation in Berlin-Friedenau.

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